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Avatar - Reduce Training and Increase Production!

Avatarized your current campaign and get rid of accent issues, language barrier and increase production in no time! Avatar is a system embedded in a dialer to completely remove foreign accents and have your team sound local (American, Australian, British Accent, etc.) due to pre-configured and pre-recorded messages. This will give you an edge with high conversion rate for lead generation, sales or any campaigns that you are working with.

How does Avatar works? Our team will analyze your current script and work with you to make it effective and generate the sales or lead that you need. We will record the entire pitch, rebuttals, and other common sounds such as “yes” or “no”. We have professional voice talent for recording to localize the targeted accent. When the recording as approved we will split it into sound bites and attached it to a soundboard as part of our testing, this can already be utilized for training. Afterwards if everything is ready we will integrate this in the dialer itself. Afterwards we will run a two (2) weeks test to ensure the system is running 100% and closing the deals that you need.

Sample Avatar Recording: Here

We have very flexible rates and platform/s --- we also partnered with third party companies for other Avatar options.

Contact us today to find out how to avatarized your campaign or get an existing avatar campaign for your contact center.
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