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Dial Lists

Need good quality dial lists for your call center campaign?

We are well aware that often when buying leads you can neither guarantee quality or age of lists. But on top of that you may not need lead lists regularly as this can also become expensive when buying large chunks of data. What we can offer is a cut down version where we deal in large quantities of dial lists which are up to date from various sources and as such allow you to buy specific leads for your campaign which are already filtered.
Why buy our lists? Fact is the homeowner and credit rating criteria alone will remove all those renters and poor score residents from campaigns quickly. But also if your running debt management you can also focus on poor credit rating.

We currently operate in the USA, UK and Australia dialing areas and can offer 25,000 numbers for $75.00 (USA Market) for a specific town,city or zip code, these are raw data targeted based on your requirement. If the zip code is too small you can add extra zip codes until you reach the 25,000 volume. Though we are also expanding to other countries.

We also have targeted leads for different campaigns such as Home Improvement, Solar Power, Diabetic Leads, Online Pharmacy, Medical Life Alarm, Home Security, etc.

Contact us today for more details.
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