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The idea behind Hyperion Network is innovation that offers management and technology services. Over the months, our vision has always been the same – To impart each area of our expertise to every aspect of a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) business, resulting in the creation of a long term business relationship with both centers and clientele worldwide.

Adding worth through paradigm shifts to structures, systems, processes and standards, we have a tendency to assure you a better performance level.

As consultants, we've a collective inventory of experience and information turned insight. we've the capabilities and resources to assess your needs and targets objectively and to supply the foremost perceptive, sensible solutions. we have a tendency to assist you outthink and trounce by strategising priorities, direction, performance and management. each single resource, process, technology and capability becomes an plus once the wheels flip swimmingly.

Good collaboration is good business. on the far side theory, we have a tendency to practise dynamic interaction to assist implement and manage solutions that best suit your needs and targets. regardless of the status of a project, we have a tendency to keep all data up-to-date so all patterns is known, corrected or accelerated. this manner you'll live your progress.
Breakdown of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Consultation Services:
  • Operational Consultancy
Our consultation group has been able to specialize a highly individualized process and guideline that is structured for the definite development of each center that we handle. With our set of experts that would work hand in hand with our affiliated centers, success is just a roadblock ahead that would be easy to achieve.
  • Marketing Consultation
As we have been able to build a constant and strong relationship with global marketers, we can certainly provide a good and reputable campaign that a center could run. These campaigns have been cross referenced with our list of blacklisted campaign providers. Thus, creating a good start for each center to run our specified campaigns.
  • IT Consultation
With our IT Consultant that has been able to master the labyrinthine concepts of Vicidial, Asterisk and different IT systems. This arsenal knowledge that equipped our IT consultant has led him to properly manage each center’s system without any inhibitions or any problems to begin with. Through his skills, confidentiality and security of all information are also guaranteed.
  • Corporate Training
Through our experts and call center masters, we have devised a training module that is integrated to boost the management’s ability to deal with people, the company and the clients. Our training would be centered on the personality and skill development of those people who has authority and responsibility within the company.
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